Pure relaxation

Our new SPA

Snuggle into a warm bathing gown, recharge your batteries and spoil your body and soul in cosy atmosphere. Moments of pure relaxation, calmness and tranquillity await you!

Two saunas, a swiss-pine infrared sauna and a steam room integrated into a cosy quiet zone await you. The additional view across the Ötztaler mountain range guarantees as the source of strength.

and relaxation

Already our ancestors knew, that only true and real materials from nature can facilitate a healthy well-being for body and soul. Down-to-earth and cosy – far from artificiality. Wood, stone and soft and gentle materials emphasize our style and attention to detail.

Sauna facilities

  • Breath in. Breath out. Let loose: a place of tranquillity for body and soul
  • strengthen the body’s defences after a walk through magnificent nature in our swiss-pine or organic sauna and

Steam room

  • the best recipe for the cardiovascular system and blood flow
  • stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system

Infrared sauna

  • make use of the infrared heat for yourself: increase your well-being and stimulate your vitality
  • the effect of sweating cures has been famous for thousands of years

Self time

200 sqm of pure relaxation

The ritual of sauna and relaxing is very individual. Whether you prefer to spend some time at the tea bar or in the quiet zone between the sauna sessions, let your gaze wander over the splendid panorama.

We create moments for our guests as unique as you are: feel nature, pleasure and joy of living in the entire area of our spa.

Our SPA garden

A wonderful arrangement of flowers and trees brings you into a perfect harmony of spirit and soul. Take a shower after the sauna, find your inner balance at a yoga session or just relax on our sunbeds.

The main goal is to relax and enjoy the time.