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The Ötztal. Embedded in Wildspitze and Stuibenfall, the highest mountain of and the highest waterfall of Tyrol, the Ötztal offers you myriad possibilities for your active holidays. You will spend your time exactly the way you imagine it. Either you hike on the numerous trails and enjoy the fresh breeze of the high-altitude air, discover alpine cabins and pastures by mountain bike or raft on the wild „Ötztaler Ache“. Summer in Ötztal offers regeneration and adventures for everyone. Experience a lot of adventures with an all-inclusive offer and the Ötztal Card!

So much do to


There are more than 100 alpine cabins, 250 peaks higher than 3000m a.s.l. and countless more highlights. The most important point is, though, that exercising in the unique mountain scenery, in the special mountain climate and the crisp and clear air is good for body and mind.



How about the most idyllic and warmest swimming lakes, healthful springs out of deep soil or better a rapid adrenaline rush on the steepest waterslides and ramps? In the public indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as in the water park Area 47 water-enthusiastic people always take to it like a duck to water.


Mountain biking

Not only hikers are treated well in Ötztal – our valley cares for mountain bikers, too. Whether you prefer challenging trails or recreational rides, the mountainous scenerey compensates for the effort. There are bicycle paths down in the valley and single trails high up on the mountains – the routes lead from blooming meadows to spectacular gravel roads.


A place of longing

Just dream. Breathe fresh air. Recharge your batteries.

Alone, as a couple or with the whole family? You decide how you want to enjoy your holidays  with us. The infrastructure of our beautiful valley offers multifarious: those who are adventurous and those who just want to calm down and relax have dozens of possibilities to spend a perfect day. Discover the vastness of the Ötztal Nature Park, which stretches from the bottom of the valley to the summit of the highest mountain in Tyrol, the Wildspitze at 3,774 meters. Experience glaciers, ancient stone pine forests and our unique nature and landscape protection areas.

A lot to experience

Ötztal Summer Card


The Ötztal Summer Card is a big benefit for our guests. With this all-inclusive card you do not have to prepare and calculate your holiday into detail. Simply decide to your heart’s content.



Mountains with a view

The most beautiful mountains of the Ötztal: there are almost 700 named peaks in the Ötztaler alps – it is easy to lose track o fit. At tis point the eight most beautiful mountains with a view were awarded. As we know, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Which applies for the peaks of the Ötztal as well …


Fascinating spots

Fascinating spots in the Ötztal: There are a lot of beautiful spots and places, but some of them are extraordinary, because they offer amazing views across the mountainous scenery. Which they are is revealed here:



Our service for bikers

  • ·locked bicycle – room with charging possibility for e-bikes
  • Screwdriver corner with the most important tools
  • Drying room for wet clothes
  • Laundry service
  • Bike – washing area directly in front of the hotel